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Andaran atish’an

I dont have much to say .... i kind of use Deviantart in waves .. sometimes i spam the shit out of it... and sometimes it's as if i never been here......

My DA gallery is currently .... very mixed..... i like to draw things, photograph and write.
When it comes to drawing and writing that tends to happen around midnight or when i'm stressed out ......
right now are there a lot of pokemon ....and some journey ps3

English is not my first language so i apologies for my grammar and choice of words in my fanfictions.

You can often see what fandom Im currently lost in ....if you look at my favourites.

I also go under the name : maousama, maousamaluling,No-name/ @newwaterdrop and some other names i have forgot on other places in this vast internet

ooh i had a da named Luling but i lost the password TO EVERYTHING and am now unable to get a new one


“ KREM !!!”

Cremisius turned around horrified to hear the Inquisitor’s scream. She came rushing towards him, threw herself over him and pushed him to the ground.  Fire descended upon them and enveloped their bodies. The fire seemed to steal the air from his lungs together with the painful sounds the inquisitor made. Her body went limp as she lost her consciousness from the pain.
Others came running to help them, someone lifted up the inquisitor’s body and someone else helped him up. The world was a blur all he saw was her wounded body. Her armour had a hole in it and the inquisitor’s back was burnt and screaming red with blisters forming.  It almost looked like the skin had melted against the daggers that were strapped to her back.

“ ICE!!? WE NEED A MAGE NOW!! DALISH!!??  “  He screamed while fumbling trying to reach out to her.  Someone held him back and said something about wounds and enemies but he did not care. It was not until Bull hoisted him up over a shoulder that he stopped moving.  

“ We need to get the boss away from here fast before they regroup! ”  

Bull’s voice sounded steady and calm but Cremisius knew that he probably was filled with anger and worry.  Bull’s movements were much more aggressive and powerful then necessary.

“Chief I’m so sorry I … I just …” he tried to apologise but it was brushed aside with a grunt.

The enemies must had retreated for no one followed them or attacked as they made their way to the camp in a haste.  

When they finally reached the camp, panic spread as they entered with the wounded Inquisitor. Blackwall who was the one who had carried her rushed to her tent and placed her face down.  
Bull put down Cremisius and they both followed the grey warden in haste.  
They removed the remaining of the Inquisitor’s coat and shirt together with the straps and belts. But left the fabric that was around the burnt area. Bull hesitated before he carefully moved one of the daggers but quickly removed them from their straps when there was no resistance.  
Stitches entered the tent with his arms full of bottles that he almost dropped at the sight of the inquisitor’s back.

“ We need something that cools down the burn Stitches.”  

Stitches simply nodded and handed Bull a bottle with something white in it.
Just as Bull took the bottle a loud scream cut the air, the inquisitor had woken up.  


Without hesitation he rushed out to get the water. The screaming could be heard all over the camp.  Some of the people tried to ask him about her but he pushed them aside without explanation or an apology.  He found a clean bucket and grabbed one of his towels before he ran to the water canister and returned with a full bucket as fast as he could. The inquisitor was twitching in agony and pain while Blackwall and Bull held her down as gently and firmly as they could without hurting her. But she had stopped screaming.

“ Wet the towel and place it on her back. ”

Cremisius did as Bull told him and immediately regretted it as the contact with the fabric against the inquisitor’s back made her scream in pain. He saw how she bit down her lip and how tears fell down her cheek.  
Bull gently brushed her hair; whispering and she nodded and stopped biting her lip.
Blackwall left the tent and Stitches stood up and gently pushed out Cremisius.  Cremisius tried to resist wanting to stay.

“ No, go. You also have to be treated. Sorry for making you wait.”  Bull said with nod.

It was first now that Cremisius noticed that he a small burn on his hand and some wounds.
He left the tent without a word and let Stitches tend to it. Stitches gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder when he was done and told him to rest.
Cremisius went to his tent and kept away from the Chargers, wanting some time alone.  
He must have fallen asleep for he woke up when Bull shook him gently.

“ Hey Krem, the boss want’s to talk to you.”

He swallowed and nodded in replay as he stood up and walked towards the tent. Cremisius glanced at Bull wondering is the big qunari was angry with him but saw no sign of it.
Bull stopped a bit away from the tent and gestured for him to continue on his on.  When
Cremisius entered the tent was he greeted by a tired but warm smile from the inquisitor.

“  Hello Krem, how are you?”  She asked with a tired but gentle voice.

“ Why did you do that?”  He found himself asking. She looked at him with a puzzled look.

“ Why did you shield me? You are so herald, everything would end with you if you died. The chief would probably never be himself again if he lost you.  You cant be replaced so why?  He almost exclaimed.

She gestured to him to come and sit down next to her. When he did she gently took his hand in hers and smiled.

“ Neither can you Krem. You are a part of my family now, you and the rest of the Chargers.  “

It took a moment for the words to sink in, but when it did a warm feeling spread inside of him and he could not stop smiling.
Life With The Inquisition
also uploaded on : my wattpad Life With The Inquisition 

The characters belong to BioWare
i kind of wanted a family theme on this cuz never written family themed stories so wanted to try ...+ i can totally see thatmy Sariel who romanced  Iron bull would totally adopt krem and the rest ... + cole XD 
After what had happened he just could not stay calm.  Unknown feelings were swirling around in him brewing up a small storm.  He knew he could ask Varric or someone else about it, but it just did not feel right to do so.
Whenever he saw the inquisitor his feelings swirled around in a mix of happiness and worry. He had tried many times to pick up her thoughts and feelings, to test the water and see if she was angry but had got nothing.
She was as bright as always, to think that one of the things that had made him feel so safe in her present now made him feel uneasy.
Days passed and he found himself avoiding the inquisitor, whenever she came looking for him he hide.  When she climbed the stairs to his place or called his name it always made his stomach twist. But whenever she left Skyhold he would stand on the battlement looking and waiting for her with a mix of worry and anticipation.  
After some days she had stopped looking for him, it had made him feel even worse than when she did.
Had she forgot about him? Was she walking away? Leaving?  
When she stopped looking for him he started to look for her. Carefully to not be seen, blending into the shadows or the crowd.

The inquisitor talked to Varric in the main hall, even thought it was crowded he could easily spot her.
She looked different; a small frown was present on her forehead and the smile was not like it used to be.
Worry started to bite in him as he noticed the dark rings under her eyes, was she not sleeping enough?
When she was done talking to Varric she left for her room, Cole was about to leave but stopped when someone called for him, it was Varric. He hesitated a bit but walked over to him.

“ Kid, listen I know I should just stay out of this but I think you should go and speak with the inquisitor about your feelings. I think you are driving her crazy.“  Varric said as he placed a hand on Coles back. He started to lead Cole towards the inquisitor’s room.  
A sigh left the dwarf when Cole gave him a horrified look.
Was he making her feel bad? Was that the reason to why she stopped looking for him? He never wanted to make her feel bad.

“  This is something you have to do, for both of you. Neither of you will be able to return too normal if you don’t talk about it.  Trust me kid. Now go.”   Varric said while he opened the first door and pushed Cole over the doorstep. The door shut behind him and he felt how his body grew cold.
He climbed the stairs to the second door; it took a long time before he knocked.
His heart beat faster as the sound of steps on the other side of the door grew louder.  
It felt like it was going to burst when the inquisitor opened the door and they stood face to face.

“ C.. Cole ? What are you doing here?”  She asked with a surprised voice, there was a hint of nervousness in it too.

His first impulse was to hide his face under his big hat but he somehow managed to supress it.

“ Varric said I was driving you crazy ….. is it true? Is it because of what happened? ”  He asked with as clear voice he could muster.

The inquisitor tensed up a bit at the question, she was the first to look away.
It made him feel very bad, like needles in the skin.
She asked him to come in so he stepped into her room, the sight of the bed made him remember what he had done and warmth spread up his neck.
They ended up sitting on it just like last time, silence surrounded them and the air felt thick.

“  Cole I want to know why you kissed me and ran away.  And not only that, you have been avoiding me for days. Have I done something wrong? “  She asked and broke the silence.

“ No .. No you have not done anything wrong…. I just … there are… feelings inside of me.” He stuttered.
It felt like his whole body were going crazy, one moment warm and another ice cold.
The inquisitor raised a questioned eyebrow, but did not push for any explanation.

“ I … I…I’m not feeling like usual around you. It’s like a storm of mixed feeling. Some I never knew you could feel. Some very very scary.” He did not look at her instead he fixated his stare on the wall.

“  Scary ? What do you mean?” she asked with a whisper, afraid to scare him.

He shook his head and covered his eyes, there was yet another moment of silence.

“ I don’t … like it.. When others think about you in a certain way.   Or being too close, or when you smile towards them.  I want it to be only me, but why? Why do it disturb me so much that you are helping others? Like Cullen. He is in pain, I should want to help, and I SHOULD HELP. Yet I don’t like it, the time he spends alone with you. I don’t like how you gently touch him to make him feel safe and calm.  I want it to be only me. See me, see only me. “  Words were flowing out like a waterfall he could not stop.  Eyes still covered, he did not dare look at her. It felt like he must look ugly for the feeling felt ugly and bad.
The bed rustled and he felt how she was moving closer, two gently hands held his and uncovered his eyes.  She gently removed his big hat and put it down next to him.
They sat so close, looking into each other’s eyes.

“ I do see you Cole, never worry about that, I will… “

“ BUT HOW ? How do you see me? Do you see me like I want to be seen?”  Cole cut in with a loud voice.  Without thinking he grabbed her hand and held it in his.
The inquisitor’s eyes widened but she did not pull back her hands; instead she leaned in closer and touched her forehead against his.

“I see you more than I see anyone else.  After you kissed me I realised that.  It hurt so much when you ran away and started to avoid me. It made me realise that there is no one I want to see as much as you.“  She calmly said looking into his sky blue eyes.

Her words and voice made something inside of him calm down. It was as if the storm inside of him vanished, and left behind was a feeling of pure happiness and calm.
He closed his eyes savouring the wonderful moment, but opened them again.

“ What is this feeling really called?” He asked curiously.

“ Love ,Cole. It’s called love”
What it is called
Disclaimer:The characters from Dragon Age: Inquisition belongs to Bioware/EA.
sorry for weird grammar and choice of words english is not my first language

and ugh it's 2 in the morning so i hope i have not failed completely with the story X'D ... but i started to listen to…  <--- this song and it just give me such a  Cole feeling... in fact all but my very first Cole fanfic has been inspired by this song X'D 

Anyway i wrote this cuz i was not happy with my own "open" ending so hehehehe...... yeah ..... well if someone is reading this sorry if i butchered the Cole character ^^'''' i tried , but he is so amazing so i wont do him justice.  

The Forget-me-not
More human, more feelings

i also uploaded these on my Wattpad in "book" format 
Golden line by YTSC
Golden line
I might have uploaded this one on my older deviantart or this one ....... but for now i just wanted to throw it out here XD 
ugh suddenly a lot of my older pictures had watermarks on them and im way to lazy to remove it from them all ...
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Started to use it like 4 days ago when i suddenly stumbled upon the app xD 
I have to say at first i was terrified cuz it looked so " PROS ONLY " with all the fancy covers and all the top and hit lists etc etc but i ended up joining anyway, and i really like it, the page style and the fact that you can make your own book cover. 
So far i have posted 2 existing deviantart fanfics but also started on a whole new one focused on Cremisius Aclassi aka Krem
I hope to write other things than fanfiction in the future too as i have some ideas for stories.  and lol it's amazing how much better it looks like when you add a cover with text hahaha xD 

Fmn by YTSC Inthe End by YTSC

Leftbehind by YTSC Lwti by YTSC

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