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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Andaran atish’an

I dont have much to say .... i kind of use Deviantart in waves .. sometimes i spam the shit out of it... and sometimes it's as if i never been here......

My DA gallery is currently .... very mixed..... i like to draw things, photograph and write.
When it comes to drawing and writing that tends to happen around midnight or when i'm stressed out ......
right now are there a lot of pokemon ....and some journey ps3

English is not my first language so i apologies for my grammar and choice of words in my fanfictions.

You can often see what fandom Im currently lost in ....if you look at my favourites.

I also go under the name : maousama, maousamaluling,No-name/ @newwaterdrop and some other names i have forgot on other places in this vast internet

ooh i had a da named Luling but i lost the password TO EVERYTHING and am now unable to get a new one


Kill la ......... ugh by YTSC
Kill la ......... ugh

“ I shall show you TRUE MEGA EVOLUTION !!! “ - Kairi

“ Please DON’T” - Dagin 

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i suddenly did the kill la kill Aikurou Mikisugi thing ,the things i force my poor Kairi to do ……. i have a reason to this so let me explain …. eeeh it’s late … and i was listening to ping pong circulate  thats why i jumped on the meme extremely  LATE  

The dads by YTSC
The dads
the known dads to my ocs........ was about to draw jogenki cuz he is like a dad... 

Zeroz- location unknown, status unknown, MIA
Aion - Killed by a "unknown" lucario when he visited his wife's grave
Caion - Drifted away in never ending sleep. 
Juno- Alive, visits Sakura from time to time. 
Sakura And Her Dad Juno by YTSC
Sakura And Her Dad Juno

“ Look dad! There is mom!  “ - Sakura 

“ Looks like she is curious over how you are doing, dear.  “ - Juno 

(( a little picture that plopped up in my head last night. im 100% sure that sakura's dad is still alive but her mom is gone. fun fact her mom is named Hera

sakura lives on this tumblr page together with some of my other pokemon))

  • Mood: Gloomy
  • Drinking: water

Azrael Surana:  Fear (  Fear that paralyzes your body and mind, that make you just stand there and watch as the demon slowly creeps into your skin and mind.)


Eyael Cousland: Lost ( to lose everything yet again)


Uriel Hawke: Power/money ( Power and money corrupts and twist people when she gained them both she fared that it would change her. ) 


Irel Hawke: Stillness  ( for her the calm is just a beginning of a storm,Romancing anders did not make it any better )


Natiel Lavellan: Duty ( her duty to the inquisition, to her clan, to her beloved she fears that they will one day clash and tear her world apart and the people in it. ) 


Aniel Lavellan: forgetting ( that everyone she cares for  ( clan, family, friends, love) forgets about her. Poor girl romancing Solas did not help her nerves )


Sariel Trevelyan: Grey  ( to borrow a phrase from mass effect: “It's so much easier to see the world in black and white. Grey? I don't know what to do with grey “ )

(( did this cuz trying to get into my fanfic mood again and my game playing mood too hahaha.... stupid college )) 

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