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Andaran atish’an

I dont have much to say .... i kind of use Deviantart in waves .. sometimes i spam the shit out of it... and sometimes it's as if i never been here......

My DA gallery is currently .... very mixed..... i like to draw things, photograph and write.
When it comes to drawing and writing that tends to happen around midnight or when i'm stressed out ......
right now are there a lot of pokemon ....and some journey ps3

English is not my first language so i apologies for my grammar and choice of words in my fanfictions.

You can often see what fandom Im currently lost in ....if you look at my favourites.

I also go under the name : maousama, maousamaluling,No-name/ @newwaterdrop and some other names i have forgot on other places in this vast internet

ooh i had a da named Luling but i lost the password TO EVERYTHING and am now unable to get a new one


Something was awry; he could feel it in his whole body. There had been no attempt to cover the tracks. Anyone would have been able to follow the trail of burned grass and shrubs.
He readied an arrow and continued forward, his ears picked up the sound of a man cursing and yelling.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes; he was close now. For years had he wondered whom his arrow would strike first, the mage of his protector?

He still remember that day as if had happened just minutes ago. Yet again had he been denied justice, she had let the mage live and even sided with the circle.
Hawke had chosen the abomination over him, turned her back without hesitation.
She had not even looked after him when he left them to their fate so true had her faith in the mage been.
He had believed in her and even if he refused to admit it had he felt strongly for her.
A storm of feeling crushed against him inside as he reached the clearing where the sound came from.

The sight he met made him lower his arrow. A lone man was on his knee gripping his head in agony, screaming blurred words. His voice and tone changed as he flared up in ghostly blue and back again. Tear streamed down his face and his hair had come lose. He looked worse than that time the Templars had searched Darktown for two weeks straight.

Sebastian steeled himself; this was no time to feel pity, not now when he was so close to get justice.

" Anders! Face me!" He screamed as he aimed his bow and released the arrow.

The mage flared up in blue and was up on his feet and counterattacked in mere seconds.

" LEAVE! "

Anders's voice sounded like thunder and Sebastian immediately knew that it was the so-called spirit Justice that spoke. For a short moment were the battle tense and he barley dodged the spells that were hurled at him. But after some time did Sebastian gain the upper hand, as it seemed like Anders's body weakened. Sebastian knew he would sooner or later run out of arrows so he changed tactic. Slowly he moved closer until he was close enough to deliver a swift kick and struck down the mage on his back. He pinned Anders down with his foot and aimed an arrow at his heart.

The blue light around Anders died out as Justice slipped away, loosing his grip.

Brown eyes now stared up into blue.

" Kill me... DO IT! What is the point anymore!"

Sebastian astonished by the words from his former comrade he widened his eyes and lower the arrow. Something was wrong, the Anders he knew were ready to do anything to free his fellow mages, he never faltered in his so called purpose.

" Where is Hawke?"

His question left his lips before he could stop himself, he did not know why but the question left a bad feeling. He saw how the mage looked away, his eyes focusing on something to the left of them.

Wary he followed the mage's eyes and noticed a dirty paper crumpled into a small ball. Sebastian observed Anders carefully as he reached for the paper and unfolded it; it was from Varric.

His heart sank and ached as he read it, at first he wanted to believe it was a very bad joke.
But as he read it for the third time the message sank in and the world suddenly lost its colours.
Sebastian's hands shook and he threw the letter to the ground, wanting it to vanish into nothing. He dropped his bow as he punched Anders and gripped his collar.

" How could you.... HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN!"

Sebastian slammed the mage into the ground in fury when he averted his eyes. There was a storm inside of him, urge to kill and urge to grieve.

" I guess.... I guess this is justice too. I lost someone close to me and you lost someone close to you too."

He felt his sanity slip a bit as a laughter left his lips. He let go of Anders's collar and sat down on the ground next to the mage. Yes, Yes this was justice; they had now both lost someone dear to them. Anders was now suffering the same way he had... so why did this affect him so much. She had turned away from him, there should not exist any lasting feeling for her after what she did. Yet he could not help but to feel like someone had ripped out a part of him.

" Kill me. I have no reason to keep on going. Get your revenge as you wanted. "

Hatred swept over Sebastian like a cold shower as he eyed the mage, death was too merciful for him. If he had not started it all Elthina would still be alive... Hawke would still be alive. If she had not turned away from the Maker and Andraste to follow the mage she would have still been in this world and by his side. This man had robbed him of everything.

" I have changed my mind, you shall now die. Not here, not today, you will live and suffer the same way as I. " He practically spit out the words as he stood up with his bow and left the mage to his fate.
Bittersweet Justice
AndersxfemHawke with hint of oneside Sebastianxfemhawke

.... felt like writing something and these two plopped up in my head. I'm not sure what do think about them XD ..... 
i cant help but to think that  Sebastian also held a grudge over the fact that Hawke choose Anders over him both as comrade and lover.....i dont know why but i picture Sebastian with a mean selfish streak ........... 

for some reason was this all  inspired by this song 

this story is also posted on my wattpad
John amie by YTSC
John amie

“ eeh eeeh… so this is a high five… it’s kind of embarrassing… but nice…” 

(( GAAAAH John !! you shy toxic froggy !!!  QuQ i wish i knew how to handle a needle so i could make a plush of him ))

flosculus amie by YTSC
flosculus amie

“ So i did a good job ? can i get another poffins?” 

 i will NEVER evolve my cute Flosculus !!!!! 

Akim by YTSC
It will try to guard its trusted Trainer with its life. It has the ability to see the future.
To protect its Trainer, it will expend all its psychic power to create a small black hole.
Q_Q ugh they are so loyal ....... 

  • Mood: Gloomy
  • Drinking: water

Azrael Surana:  Fear (  Fear that paralyzes your body and mind, that make you just stand there and watch as the demon slowly creeps into your skin and mind.)


Eyael Cousland: Lost ( to lose everything yet again)


Uriel Hawke: Power/money ( Power and money corrupts and twist people when she gained them both she fared that it would change her. ) 


Irel Hawke: Stillness  ( for her the calm is just a beginning of a storm,Romancing anders did not make it any better )


Natiel Lavellan: Duty ( her duty to the inquisition, to her clan, to her beloved she fears that they will one day clash and tear her world apart and the people in it. ) 


Aniel Lavellan: forgetting ( that everyone she cares for  ( clan, family, friends, love) forgets about her. Poor girl romancing Solas did not help her nerves )


Sariel Trevelyan: Grey  ( to borrow a phrase from mass effect: “It's so much easier to see the world in black and white. Grey? I don't know what to do with grey “ )

(( did this cuz trying to get into my fanfic mood again and my game playing mood too hahaha.... stupid college )) 

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